Ellie Ray’s

The  Venue

Sitting on the spring fed, Santa Fe River, in North Central Florida, you can Kayak, fish, get a good tan, whatever your flavor, its here because you are on DAY-CATION when you are at Ellie Ray’s!

Our family’s NUMBER ONE RULE is always to HAVE FUN! Here at Ellie Ray’s, we want to share the moments in which you come and let your hair down, get too much sun, laugh too hard and get caught boogying to your favorite song.

Ellie Ray’s has something for the ENTIRE Family! Camping, Freshwater Springs, and a LIVE MUSIC venue and restaurant right on the Santa Fe River, it just doesn’t get any better than that! Come spend your Day-Cation with us out here in Branford, FL!



About The River

The Santa Fe River is a 75-mile river in northern Florida. The watershed of the river is approximately 1,380 square miles and spreads across southern Columbia, southern Suwannee, western Bradford, far southern Baker, Union, northern and eastern Gilchrist, and northern Alachua counties. The headwaters of the river are Lake Santa Fe, near Keystone Heights. The Santa Fe River is usually a slow-flowing river. This slow speed, combined with the abundant leaf-drop from nearby trees, especially Bald Cypress, leads to a very dark-brown river due to dissolved tannins.

Springs like Gilchrist Blue, Ginnie, Hornsby, Lily, Poe, and Rum Island springs are located at the banks of the river, mostly downstream of the river’s reappearance above ground level. The water temperature near the numerous springs is always around 72°F. The area is sparsely populated compared to the rest of Florida, there have been sightings of animals like the black bear, bobcat, the rare Florida panther and due to the near-constant water temperatures along many portions of the river, manatees. As with many rivers in Florida, plant and animal fossil remnants are plentiful along the Santa Fe.

Venue Detail

3349 Northwest 110th, St. Branford, FL 32008

Working Hours

9AM - 5PM
9AM - 5PM
9AM - 2PM